The women you can target by choosing the planning with the media portfolio of System24 are very busy women, advanced, career women, sometimes between work and family and they love to take care of themselves.

Beside Moda24 in the first section of Il Sole 24 Ore you can also choose How To Spend It which offers to the female audience a full coverage on the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Furthermore a wide range of programmes broadcast by Radio24

  • Cuore e denari about health matters and savings,
  • Il Gastronauta about cooking and food & wine travels, Essere e avere about consumption and trends.
  • Melog about society and custom, Il treno va about stories of persons met during their journey towards their woman.

With regard to the digital area LadyBlitz is a women’s website providing information and suggestions and Deabyday the web TV organized in thematic channels.