Real luxury nowadays is the time we manage to devote to ourselves. Studio offers a mix of content and aesthetics to provide its readers with an absorbing personal, original and high-quality experience.

STUDIO is contemporary, influential, relevant and recognisable. It focuses on current affairs, culture and lifestyles. The things that people talk about, selected, explained and described by our writers, photographers and illustrators.

It is broad-reaching in terms of the issues covered but vertical in terms of tone. Lifestyles, consumer culture, style, design, food, travel, a select agenda of things to do. Without forgetting fashion and still life editorials focusing on seasons, men and women, snapped by the finest international photographers.

It is targeted at the creative class, the new managerial class and early adopters.

The quarterly publication is available at newsstands and on iPad, and is online every day at and on the social networks; it is live at Studio in Triennale and other events.