IL – The magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE

IL is all about facts from the world of great topical interest. It is the needed “questions and answers” to understand the real world. It is the monthly report as well as a wide space for culture and ideas.

IL is the magazine that looks ahead, that will amaze, that emphasizes the reading with an original style aimed at a men’s target (the same of Il Sole 24 Ore) of higher quality.

IL stirs the reader’s curiosity by describing the contemporary world with its style and dealing with exclusive themes of general interest.

IL is a magazine dealing with the current events, examining topics in details, with lively, amazing and original cover stories and reports. International big names and young italian writers contribute to make IL “the best magazine in the world”

IL is also with the reader during his leisure time with a selection of items, products and experiences reflecting the trend and the evolution of the styles.

IL is the ideal planning context for the consumer communication oriented to a men’s target (clothing, cosmetics, personal objects) and to a high quality target (cars, finance, technology, tourism, events and cultural consuption).


Publisher: Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Editor-in-chief ad interim: Guido Gentili
Price: out on Friday at € 1.50 bundled with Il Sole 24 ORE, at € 0.50 sold alone throughout the month

IL 2017_eng

circulation and readership

Circulation: 196.000 copies (January 2017 - source: Publisher. Total circulation: print + digital).

Readership (source: Gruppo 24 ORE panel)

Gender Male 76% Female 24%
Age 25/44 47%
Education qualification Degree 67%
Geographic distribution North West 42%
North East 19%
Centre 21%
South and Islands 18%


page format: mm 286h x 233w (+ 5 mm trim) Until number 54 the formats will be: mm 288h x 235w (+5 mm trim)

Advertising Rates

Formats Four colour rate (€)
Page 55,000.00
Double page 110,000.00
inside front cover + page three 165,000.00
inside back cover 70,000.00
back cover 110,000.00
facing title pages 70,000.00
facing features pages 70,000.00