Norme e Tributi

The journal for professionals

Norme e Tributi is aimed at professionals, private companies and public administration, providing updated and detailed news about taxation, law, employment, areas of technical interest and local autonomies.

Consisting of eight pages, it is an operative tool with detailed technical analyses. Large space is given to the regulatory information including tax laws, accountancy, employment, justice, condominium, territory, public administration and local governments.

The guiding principle is the service information for professionals, companies, managers, administrators. The constant updates, on government and parliament decisions, on implementing regulations issued by the ministry, on judicial interpretations are always complemented by the analyses of experts on the practical effects and by summary charts.

The section Norme e Tributi, the journal for professionals, gives special attention to the interpretation of law with regard not only to the evolution of jurisprudence of legitimacy but also to the most significant judgements on specific matters issued by both trial courts and tax commissions.

Every day of the week Norme e Tributi deals with a different thematic issue such as “Sentenze di Merito” on Mondays and Thursdays, “Condominio e Casa” on Tuesdays, “Diritto dell’Economia” on Wednesdays, “Incentivi e Agevolazioni” on Fridays.

It is the ideal planning context for the service sector and for the sector of products aimed at both companies and professionals.

Editor in-chief: Roberto Napoletano
Frequency: Monday-Friday third section / Sat-Sun inner part of first section

circulation and readership

Circulation: 197,709 copies of which 87,547 digital format (source: ADS November 2016, net of multiple digital copies); Il Sole 24 ORE is the first daily in Italy for digital copies circulation.

Readership: 843.000 readers (source: Audipress 2016.II - paper and/or replication).


Gender Male 67% Female 33%
Qualification Degree 40%
High School 42%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 28%
Geopraphic area North West 27%
North East 23%
Centre 26%
South and Islands 23%




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