Impresa & Territori

The daily journal of manufacturing

Impresa & Territori has the objective of consolidating the position of Il Sole 24 ORE as a reference point for the world of companies that produce, that are the real engine of the Italian economy.Each day, the section is in fact structured as follows: a page of “work”, a page of “Styles and Trends” and a page of “Rules and Taxes” with information concerning the territories.The last page has a specific content and varies from day to day:
-Maritime (Tuesday)
-building and territory (Wednesday)
-Average (Thursday)
-agriculture and the environment (Friday)

The last page is dedicated to World & Markets: a country a day with everything a business owner needs to know to invest in that country (development indices, incentives, insurance coverage, etc..).

Editor in-chief: Guido Gentili
Frequency: from Tuesday to Friday

circulation and readership

Total circulation (paper + digital):
175.020 net of multiple digital copies
235.020 valued digital multiple copies included

Digital copies circulation:
82.696 net of multiple digital copies
142.696 valued digital multiple copies included

Source: ADS December 2017


Readership: 783.000 readers (source: Audipress 2017.II - paper and/or replication


Gender Male 69% Female 31%
Qualification Degree 42%
High School 47%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 36%
Geopraphic area North West 33%
North East 22%
Centre 23%
South and Islands 23%




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119 modules
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half page spread:
136 modules
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double page spread:
272 modules
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