Living, buying, investing in real estate.

Casa24Plus is the newspaper section published on Thursdays that deals with home living, furnishing, purchasing and real estate investments. The market, the trends of the residential market and of the real estate are all included in this section aimed at both private people and professionals.

The following subdivisions enable a quick and focused reference:

1. “Mercato e Tendenze” with detailed analyses, focuses on national and international trends, charts with data and focuses on the cities, outdoor and interior furniture, high-tech and eco-sustainable products;

2. “Mondo Immobiliare” full of news, interviews and analyses on the real estate;

3. “Chiavi in mano” focused on mortgage loans, financing, taxation, condos etc.

Pages of news, exclusive analyses and data processings on:

- Real estate professionals;

- International market;

- Analysis on a particular Italian city;

- Second homes;

- Furnishing, design, home automation, outdoor and eco-sustainability;

- Private home financing;

Casa24Plus is aimed at both homeowners and tenants and at those who look for a home or accommodation where to spend holidays and weekends, at those who wants to invest in the real estate and at those having a mortgage loan.


Editor in-chief: Guido Gentili
Frequency: weekly (Thursday)

circulation and readership

Total circulation (paper + digital):
167.825 net of multiple digital copies
227.825 valued digital multiple copies included

Digital copies circulation:
87.299 net of multiple digital copies
147.299 valued digital multiple copies included

Source: ADS July 2017

Readership: 802.000 readers (source: Audipress 2017.I - paper and/or replication)


Gender Male 68% Female 32%
Qualification Degree 39%
High School 46%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 30%
Geopraphic area North West 33%
North East 20%
Centre 22%
South and Islands 24%




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mm 247h x 360w