Il Sole 24 ORE

Il Sole 24 ORE, is the most popular and best-selling newspaper of 24 ORE Group: the business daily with the highest circulation in Europe, leader in business, financial and regulatory information and key driver of the high brand profile of the Group’s operations as a whole.

The 24 ORE Group is a multimedia publishing organization specialized in business, financial, professional and cultural information and it is owned by Confindustria, the main organization representing Italian manufacturing and services companies founded in 1910.

The target range of Il Sole 24 ORE has always been represented by a readership with high socio-economic profile and high-income in comparison to the other newspapers readerships.

Il Sole 24 ORE: four newspapers in one… Current news, business, finance and professionals.

Above all the first section of the newspaper. It is the journal of the current news, with detailed analyses, political comments, the economic situation, the international themes and the Italian politics.

In the middle of this first section, “Imprese e Territori” is a pull-out section in a close connection with the current news. It is “the newspaper of the real economy” devoted to the companies activities, to the manufacturing sectors, to the employment and to the challenge of global competition.

The “third newspaper” is represented by the traditional section “Finanza e Mercati” with the information about listed companies, Italian and international stock markets, bonds, foreign currencies and raw materials.

The fourth pillar of this system is ” the journal for professionals”. From Tuesday to Friday, the section “Norme e Tributi” is a separate section of the newspaper.

Consisting of 8 pages it underlines its purpose of acting as an operative tool with detailed technical analyses. Thus more space is given to the regulatory information that includes tax laws, accountancy, employment, justice, condominium, territory, public administration and local governments.

An additional special section for every day of the week fulfils the information demand of the various kind of readers:

*“L’Esperto Risponde” is the Monday appointment to clarify the readers uncertainties about tax laws, legal and administrative matters.
*“Rapporti24″ the Tuesday reports that examine in details themes related to companies and to specific territories.
*“Casa24″ the Thursday section for professionals of the real estate market, as well as for all other activities related to the house.
*“Moda24″ every Friday a picture on the fashion industry and on the cosmetics.
*“Plus24″ every Saturday the indispensable tool to understand the financial markets and the trend of listed companies.
*“Domenica” and “Nòva24-Frontiere” is the Sunday appointment with culture, innovation and technology.
The newspaper offers, through its pages, several planning possibilities, such as the premium positions in the first section, the standard advertising with high impact formats which are particularly suitable for the launch of new products and advertorials which are tailormade projects.
Il Sole 24 ORE is the ideal planning context for the b2b and professional world, for those companies expecting from this medium the confirmation of the authoritativeness and prestige of their own brand.
It connects with the socio-cultural elite of the nation and it is also the communication medium for consumer products and the institutional communication to an advanced audience.

Publisher: Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Editor-in-chief ad interim: Guido Gentili
Frequency: daily

circulation and readership

Circulation: 190,289 copies of which 83,487 digital format (source: ADS February 2017, net of multiple digital copies); Il Sole 24 ORE is the first daily in Italy for digital copies circulation.

Readership: 829.000 readers (source: Audipress 2016.III - paper and/or replication).

Gender Male 69% Female 31%
Qualification Degree 40%
High School 47%
Socio demographic profile Entrepreneurs, executives, professionals 27%
Geopraphic area North West 31%
North East 21%
Centre 24%
South and Islands 24%


Premium formats

first full page 128 modules mm 502h x 360w standard rate + 30%



front page positions

3 modules (each)
mm 35wx60h

18 modules
mm 184h x 133w
down on the right

High impact formats


deck chair

total space occupied 112 modules



total space occupied 116 modules



total space occupied 99 modules


U format

total space occupied 140 modules

Advertising Rates

Module Colour (€)
Commercial 1,830.00
Corporate advertising 1,830.00
Real estate adv (Thursday) 1,810.00
Tender 810,00
Pure financial 1,870.00
Pure financial MTA 1,870.00
Tombstone/financial highlights/budget abstracts 1,150.00
ISVAP rate year 2016 1,200.00
recruitment 1,190.00
Listed funds FONDI24 (Il Sole 24 ORE and - Annual solar subscription Cost per line (€)
Luxembourg foreign funds 2,030.00
Foreign common funds and SICAV 2,030.00
Italian common funds and italian SICAV 2,030.00
Pension funds 1,150.00
Closed-end funds 1,150.00
ETF - Exchange Traded Funds 2,030.00
Speculative funds 1,150.00
Covered warrant 2,030.00
Indexes 2,030.,00
Insurance Unit and Index Linked 1,150.00
Logo table funds - 2 logos 9,000,00
Logos table funds - 3 logos 8,000.00
Logo table funds - 4 logos 7,000.00
Logo table funds - 5 or more logos 6,500.00
FIXED POSITIONS Modules h X w (€)
Both earpieces front page (Mon-Sun) 3 35 x 60 15,320.00
Both earpieces fton page Finanza & Mercati (Tue-Sun) 3 35 x 60 14,220.00
Both earpieces front page Imprese&Territori (Tue-Fri) 3 35 x 60 13,130.00
Both earpieces front page Norme e Tributi (Mon-Sun) 3 35 x 60 13,130.00
Both earpieces front page Rapporti24 3 35 x 60 13,130.00
Earpiece nòva24 (Sunday) x 70 x 70 13,130.00
18 modules window front page right 18 184 x 133 15,000.00
18 modules window front page Finanza & Mercati (Tue-Sat) right 6 88 x 87 14,220.00
18 modules window front page Domenica right 9 88 x 133 13,170.00
18 modules window front page nòva24 - Frontiere right 9 88 x 133 13,170.00
24 modules strip back cover Finanza & Mercati (Tue-Sat) 24 88 x 360 56,880.00

VAT exempt