El Economista is one of the most important platforms of economic-financial news in Spain and Latin America. It targets an audience of international businessmen and decison makers.

El Economista aims to reach an audience of international businessmen and decision makers.

Evasión is the best platform of lifestyle, leader of fashion, trends and design. A real virtual magazine like ElHedonista.es is integrated with top of luxury references.

Its audience includes true decision-makers from various sectors, that embody business innovation in Spain and are able to influence the perception of partners, providing the possibility to meet the targets with premium impact.

Technical specifications El Economista


The avarage consumer of El Economista:

  • * is educated and well-informed
  • * is dynamic and always keeps up with the new trends, both for work reasons and for his/her own interest
  • * belongs to a medium-high social class
  • * is interested to innovations.
  • * often travels for his/her job duties


  • National distribution
  • Frequency: from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Collect the most comprehensive & complete economic and financial information in the Spanish language.
  • Spain Users: 4.396.459
  • Lat. Am. Users: 3.317.004
  • Total: 7.713.964


  • IOS: 243.340
  • Android: 105.932
  • Total: 349.272


The avarage consumer of Evasion.es:

  • * 63% men
  • * 25-49 years old (70% of the total audience)
  • * Main target: 35-49 years old
  • * 69% of users is educated
  • * Income about € 82.000

Source: comScore MMX WorldWide (April 15)